Improper Left Turn

Case Study – Improper Left Turn

Client J was traveling straight through an intersection on a yellow light. The other driver turned left in front of Client J, causing the accident

The Charges:

Plaintiff Struck due to Improper Left Turn

The Verdict:

$1.1 million for the Plaintiff

Premises Liability

Case Study – Premises Liability

Client C had been drinking in his own home. He was quite inebriated and tried to use the stair rail in order to descend the stairs. The stair rail, which was maintained by the condo company, detached from the wall, causing Client C to fall

The Charges:

Plaintiff fell due to faulty railing

The Verdict:

$3.3 million for the Plaintiff

Motor Vehicle Collision

Case Study – Motor Vehicle Collision

Client P was a passenger in a truck which was t-boned by a taxi. The driver of the vehicle in which she was riding had a stop sign and had failed to see the oncoming taxi. Client P’s first attorney settled her case with the driver of her car, but failed to sue the taxi company.

The Charges:

Passenger T-Boned by Speeding Taxi

The Verdict:

$3.5 million for the Plaintiff